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Integral Financial Planning are Gold Coast Superannuation Specialists and provides sophisticated superannuation advice to a range of clients. This advice can vary from consolidation of superannuation accounts, transition to retirement strategies, government co-contribution, salary sacrificing, superannuation splitting, insurance funded through superannuation, self managed superannuation funds and pension strategies.

This area can be complex as the legislation is constantly changing and therefore the rules that may be applicable today could be very different tomorrow. The government created the superannuation environment to encourage Australians to save for their retirement. There is no other environment and tax structure like superannuation that provides Australian’s with the ability to create wealth and save significant tax during their working years. On retirement the benefits are even greater with tax free income and benefits that may assist in receiving an increase in the government age pension.

With so many benefits and the potential high value of your superannuation account it pays to seek some professional financial planning advice to ensure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to make it work the very best it possibly can.

Retirement should be one of the most exciting times of your life; a time when you get to fulfil all your ambitions. Whether it’s travelling the world, learning a new language or spending time with your family. Whatever your plan Integral Financial Planning will give you the best chance of doing exactly what you’ve intended.

We offer comprehensive advice on your transition into retirement, shifting into working part-time, managing the changes and impact on your finances that comes with retirement.

We explain your options and strategies to maximise your retirement benefits in a tax effective manner and maximise any potential age pension benefits. We understand the importance of capital preservation in retirement and having sufficient funds to last you through your retirement. Hopefully if you have taken the steps to seek advice earlier than later to secure your retirement you will achieve your life’s aspirations.

Integral Financial Planning is located on the Gold Coast at Varsity Lakes, near Robina and Mudgeeraba. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you map out your future, simply make contact here.

You should seek personal advice prior to implementing any strategies as there are many rules and limitations that need to be considered, please refer to our general advice warning, terms and conditions.

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