Our Uninspiring Political Parties & Government Leaders

This rant is not about any Australian Political Party in particular more of a general observation but I do think our last government did an extremely poor job. I was happy when we realised our last change in government hoping that things would be for the better, but seriously the current government sabotaged themselves before they even got started.

It amazes me how little governments and political parties fail to learn from their mistakes, even our children learn from their mistakes. These politicians have a team of people advising them on every word they say, every move they make, let alone the millions of dollars of taxpayers money they spend on building media campaigns and lobbying for support but they simply can’t get the fundamentals right. All the current government had to say in their pre-election campaign was that they can’t make any promises, they’ll endeavour to to do their best to manage the nation as effectively as possible and be tough enough to make the hard decisions. However they failed drastically, before even getting into power! They never had to make unrealistic promises because the majority of the nation was ready for a change in government anyway.

A simple rule to remember for any of us is don’t make promises you can’t keep, we all know this. Why do politicians then continuously make promises that are not only on record but on national tv and ones that they can’t keep and are not realistic in the first place?

As far as I’m concerned all governments needs to have the full power and the ability to manage the nation as best as possible. Why would you you make promises that would hinder your powers to manage the nation effectively?

In my opinion political leaders to date have been reasonably un-inspiring, leaders are suppose to lead by example have good moral and ethical standings, be inspirational and motivating, rally the troops and the nation behind them and yet I’ve seen none of this in my lifetime and nor have I ever felt this passion for any leader of the country I love and adore.

As a nation we get more inspired by our footballers and coaches than we do by our politicians, maybe they should get a lesson from the QLD Maroons or Mal Meninga. Even the NSW Blues and Laurie Daley are more inspiring than any of our politicians, haha even though they’ve lost eight series in a row and it’s likely to be nine very shortly…

The biggest issue the current government has is that they’ve lost integrity. I don’t think anyone would argue that changes are needed and some of those may hurt many of us, but hopefully for some long term gain. What has aggravated the majority of the nation was the pre-election lies and the broken promises. Essentially when a promise is broken it becomes a lie and this is what the current government faces a nation now that considers them to be liars. They no doubt have a tough job ahead of them and this has been brought on by much of their own doing which is disappointing. I hope they can somehow turn things around for everyones sake but integrity takes along time to build and only seconds to destroy. A government loses their integrity the second they brake a promise, so rule number one for governments don’t ever make a promise you could end up breaking, because many years of good work could easily come undone in a matter of seconds. It’s not only the current government that has done this but also the previous, it’s disappointing to see that no lesson was learnt there!

Let’s hope that governments start to learn from their own mistakes including their predecessors and that we might be fortunate enough to have an inspiring leader at some point in the not too distant future!

My rant is over until next time! :)

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Justin is the Director and Principal Financial Planner of Integral Financial Planning located on the Gold Coast. He has over 10 years of experience if providing Financial Planning Advice and is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited. He can be contacted on 07 55592250