Retirement Income Planning and Risks

Most people don’t consider the various risks associated with retirement income planning such as sequencing, longevity, inflation, consumption and execution risks. We have provided you with a series of videos with Moshe Milvesky a Canadian Finance Professor that has conducted much research and is considered to be a specialist in this field to walk you through and explain to you the importance of these considerations. There are 5 short videos that highlight the important factors and the need for specialist financial advice. We welcome you to view all 5 videos and are happy to assist you in planning for your retirement both in accumulating wealth during your working years and in your retirement years.
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Managing Retirement Risks – Part 1

Managing retirement risks – Part 2: Longevity Risk

Managing retirement risks – Part 3: Consumption Risk

Managing retirement risks – Part 4: Sequencing Risk

Managing retirement risks – Part 5: Inflation Risk

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Justin is the Director and Principal Financial Planner of Integral Financial Planning located on the Gold Coast. He has over 10 years of experience if providing Financial Planning Advice and is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited. He can be contacted on 07 55592250