Financial Planning for Young Families

For most young families consulting a Financial Planner or Adviser is usually placed on the back burner as they feel they are not in a position to do anything or pay for advice.

Unfortunately not getting financial advice at this stage in your life can be costly. There are so many important areas to consider and decisions to make and sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that many people just simply take the easiest option which is quite often the wrong one for their personal circumstances.

Some of the areas of consideration are:

Getting married

Buying versus renting

Saving for a home deposit

Fixed versus variable interest rates

Ownership options on purchasing a property

Paying of your home loan versus allocating savings to another strategy

Paying for child care versus stop working

Private or public education for the children

Consolidating Super

Contributing to Super

Changing  jobs or career

Education funding

Investment planning


Personal Life Insurance & Income Protection etc

Private Health Insurance

Taxation Planning

Estate Planning ( Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship of your children)

This list goes on…

As we can see there are many considerations at this stage in our lives possibly more than at any other point. It’s at this point that getting financial advice is critical to setting you on the right path to achieving financial success and the freedom that you deserve later in life. Take the time to consult with a Financial Planner on your options and the important considerations needed before making any of these decisions.

Integral Financial Planning is located on the Gold Coast at Mudgeeraba and we welcome you to contact us to make an appointment for your initial consultation at our expense. Contact us on 07 55592250!

The Principal Financial Planner Justin Mitchell has a young family himself and fully understands the issues, the financial decisions and problems facing young families today.

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Principal Financial Planner Justin Mitchell and his Family

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Justin is the Director and Principal Financial Planner of Integral Financial Planning located on the Gold Coast. He has over 10 years of experience if providing Financial Planning Advice and is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited. He can be contacted on 07 55592250