Is my Will invalid?

Invalid Will

Obviously, an invalid Will is an important reason for reviewing and updating your estate planning affairs. If you are uncertain as to whether your Will & Estate Plan is valid, some of the things that might cause it to no longer be relevant or legally enforceable include:

(a) if you or a person named in the document has been married, divorced or entered into a changed personal relationship since the document was prepared

(b) if you have had births or deaths of people in your immediate family since the will was signed

(c) if there has been a substantial change in the value of your estate or the nature of the assets that you own

(d) if you have entered into new business arrangements, and in particular, established entities such as companies, trusts or superannuation funds

(e) if you have moved states since your last Will

(f) if you have started providing financial benefit to people not otherwise receiving entitlements under the current Will

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