Do I need a Will?

A Will is generally the most important document any person signs. After death the terms of a Will can only be altered by a court and unless a court intervenes, the Will regulates how the deceased’s assets are to be finally dealt with. There are many things to consider as part of your Estate Plan. Before you proceed with having any Estate Planning & Will documents produced, you and your loved ones should carefully consider the following questions (where applicable):

(a) Who should be the executor of my Will?

(b) Who should be appointed to make financial, personal and medical decisions on my behalf if I lose the capacity to make these decisions myself?

(c) If my first named executor or attorney is not able to act, who would I appoint?

(d) Other than my immediate family, are there any other individuals or entities I would like to leave part of my estate to?

(e) In the unfortunate circumstances that I and my immediate family die together, who should my estate pass to?

(f) If my life partner and I both die together, who would look after my children (i.e. who should be the guardian of your children)?

(g) Are there any specific wishes I would like noted?

(h) Are any specific estate planning strategies likely to be useful for my intended beneficiaries, for example testamentary trusts, superannuation nominations or pre death asset transfers to diminish the value of your wealth at the date of death?

As you can see there are many factors to be considered prior to making your Will!

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